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Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning, Maintenance, Venting Requirements & More in Lake Orion, MI

The dryer’s performance and safety derive of many aspects, and the dryer’s venting materials plays a major role in that. Fires can develop, from failure to clean and maintain the dryer. In 2010, the stats include $236 million in property damage, nearly 17,000 fires, resulting in 51 civilian deaths, and 380 civilian injuries. The number…

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Overcoming Heat Stack Effect in Oakland Charter Township, MI; How to Keep Upstairs Cool

Heat stack effect is a common problem that is most noticeable in multi-story homes and buildings. Heat stack effect is a natural phenomenon where basically heat rises in homes and buildings. This makes the elevated floors hotter than the lower levels. Single story homes don’t often feel the stack effect. However, for second story homes…

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Should I Repair or Replace My Central Air Conditioner that is Not Cooling My Rochester Hills, MI House?

Summers get hot and when your air conditioner isn’t working properly it can affect your family’s comfort and health. Finding smaller problems early on prevents expensive repairs when your air conditioner stops working all together on the hottest day of the year. Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs Repair or Replacement 1. AC blows warm…

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How to Keep Cat & Dog Hair Out of Air Vents & Pets from Peeing on Air Conditioner in Waterford Twp, MI

With great pets come great responsibility. Having a pet in our lives include more duties and obligations. Many people take care of their home and get it pet-proofed. However, few think about the extra care involved with their HVAC system when pets are in the home. Dander and pet activities can significantly impact the HVAC…

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