Dryer Vent Pipe Installation and Hook Up

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Dryer Vent Pipe Installation

The dryer vent pipe is an important element in your Detroit, Michigan home as it ventilates the excess lint to ensure your dryer has proper airflow. When you get a new dryer, it is vital the installation is completed with precision and care to allow heat and moisture to escape your home without allowing for a potential fire causing lint buildup. Not only can Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling expertly install your dryer pipe, but we can also help you maintain it.

Dryer Exhaust Pipe Cleaning Maintenance

Even with correct installation, over time the dryer vent pipe gets compacted with a buildup of lint and other debris. If the pipe is obstructed, the airflow is restricted, commonly causing you to need to run the dry cycle multiple times. Not only does this increase energy use of this appliance but the dryer deteriorates as it compensates for the loss of performance. Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling can clean your dryer exhaust pipe for optimal safety and performance of your dryer.

Gas Dryer Hookup

If your dryer uses gas, the hook up or connection needs to set up safely to prevent dangerous gas leaks. Any single error can cause damage to your new dryer and your home. Even more important, your safety and your family’s safety could be at risk. To protect your purchase, your home and your loved ones, leave the dryer installation and hook up to the professionals. Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling's specialists can also hookup the gas to your dryer to ensure safety and efficiency.

Dryer Vent Pipe Installation & More in Oak Park, West Bloomfield, Huntington Woods, Southfield & Greater Detroit, Michigan

Call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling when you need the dryer pipe installed, cleaned, or assistance with the gas hookup we will make certain it is done in a timely manner and effectively.