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Though rarely thought about, your water heater is key to living comfortably in Southfield. You rely on it not only for bathing and showering, but for cleaning as well. Being without it is a hassle When it breaks down, you need a local plumber who can quickly diagnose the problem and repair your water heater. Fortunately, whether the needed repair is minor or major, Jacob's Ladder is here to assist.

Call 248.967.4263 to schedule water heater repair in Royal Oak or Oak Park.

Signs Your Water Heater in Southfield Might be Broken

Signs Your Water Heater in Southfield Might be Broken

Sometimes a cold shower happens because your multiple laundry loads and six kids ran the tank dry. However, there are times when a lack of warm water is indicative of an impending water heater repair. If you notice the following issues, reach out to us by form or phone:

  1. Knocking or Tapping Sounds: If you detect knocking or tapping noises coming from your water heater, you likely have a sediment issue. When left untreated, these excess contaminants tear through your unit, sending it to an early grave. Let us drain the water and extend your water heater’s lifespan in Southfield.
  2. Temperature Fluctuations: When working as expected, your hot water heater should stay at the temperature you programmed it. But, sometimes, they cool off too quickly or struggle to maintain target temperature. If you notice that, it’s time to call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling for water heater repair. Usually, a thermostat or heating element replacement will do the trick.
  3. Leaks: If you notice puddling or moisture around your water heater, that’s a sign that your unit needs immediate attention. Best case, there’s a loose pipe or screw in need of tightening. Worst case, a full water heater replacement is needed. Let our water heater experts take a look and make a recommendation.
  4. Foul-Smelling Water: When you turn on your faucet, does the smell of rotten eggs flood your home? Is your water clear as frosted glass? These issues are a sign that your unit’s anode rod—which is responsible for purifying the water—is failing in its duties. To verify this is the issue, we recommend contacting us at 248.967.4263.
If you notice any of the above issues, reach out to us at 248.967.4263. Our plumbers will be happy to come out and diagnose your water heater problem in Royal Oak or Southfield.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Water Heater Repairs to a Handyperson

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Water Heater Repairs to a Handyperson

Repairing a water heater can be a difficult process, especially if you don’t understand them. Many people who try to DIY their repair—or rely on a handyman to fix a water heater in Southfield—find themselves guessing at the cause of the problem. This wastes both money and time. Though more expensive, hiring a water heater expert means less time grasping at straws and more time enjoying what you love most. It also allows you to rest easy knowing a professional is on the case.

Leaving your water heater repair to a company like ours means you get warrantied, insured work. Through this, you get coverage for early system failure and won’t have to pay for extra labor during the warranty period. Because we’re experts, we also approach your unit with the respect it deserves. Safety, for us, comes before all else.

Let a professional handle your next water heater service in Southfield. In the long-run, it’s the better option for you, your wallet, and your peace of mind. To schedule with us, give 248.967.4263 a jingle or fill out our contact form.

Call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling for Water Heater Repair in Royal Oak or Southfield

Call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling for Water Heater Repair in Royal Oak or Southfield

Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling repairs all types and brands of water heaters in Southfield. It doesn’t matter if you have a solar powered one, a tankless one, or one from an obscure manufacturer. Our plumbing experts can quickly diagnose the issue and put an end to the cold showers. If it’s an emergency, just call 248.967.4263 to get our next available appointment.

When you rely on us for water heater service, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the advice best suited to you and your family. If that means repairing the unit, our Southfield plumbers carry the parts needed for the most common repairs. For instances where water heater replacement is the best or only answer, we’ll help you determine the model right for your family and do our best to make the installation process a painless one.

You may not think twice about your water heater until it stops working. When you don’t have hot water, life can be miserable. For this reason, the experts at Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling provide prompt water heater repair services. We will get your water heater back up and running in no time so life can carry on as usual.

Troubleshooting Water Heater Problems

While there are repairs that require our team of experts to come and solve the problem for you, there are some problems that can be solved on your own. Here are some troubleshooting tips we would like to share with our valued customers.

  • No Hot Water – Always check to see if the pilot light is lit when you have a gas water heater. You should be aware of any gas smell that is present as well. If you have electric, be sure there isn’t a tripped circuit and the water heater is getting electricity.
  • Not Enough Hot Water or Water Too Hot – Before you call the heating professionals at Jacob’s Ladder, adjust the temperature dial located on the front of the water heater.
  • Not Enough Hot Water – If your water heater isn’t the right size, you could be battling not enough hot water and should consider a larger water heater.
  • Hot Water Smells Bad – There are certain minerals that can cause odors and discoloration in water. A whole house filter or water softener might be the solution.
  • Pops, Bangs & Gurgles – There may be a buildup of sediments that are too large to pass through the drain valve.

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If you are experiencing any water heater issues, the experts at Jacob’s Ladder Heating & Cooling are here to help. We will get your hot water heater back up and running in no time. Call us today!