How to Keep Cat & Dog Hair Out of Air Vents & Pets from Peeing on Air Conditioner in Waterford Twp, MI

With great pets come great responsibility. Having a pet in our lives include more duties and obligations. Many people take care of their home and get it pet-proofed. However, few think about the extra care involved with their HVAC system when pets are in the home. Dander and pet activities can significantly impact the HVAC system’s performance. To help you enhance your system while still having your furry friend inside, we at Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling would like to share some care tips for central air conditioning system.

Change Air Filters More Often

Generally, it is recommended that air filters get replaced between 4-8 weeks. When you have one or more pets inside your home, the dander quickly accumulates on the filters. It is vital you replace the filters sooner than later. If you have reusable filters, be sure to rinse them frequently. Over burdened filters can significantly impact the efficiency and operation of your HVAC system.

How to Get Rid of Cat & Dog Hair in the Air

Preventing the filters from being over encumbered with pet hair, as well as having it settle in the ducts and units, can be helpful. Controlling the pet hair by vacuuming daily, no less than every other day, and consider doing the brushing outside to avoid bigger messes.

Don’t Neglect Washing & Grooming Pets

Healthy pets naturally shed. Another way to control the hair buildup is getting pets professionally groomed regularly. You can remove the bulk of the shedding by bathing and brushing them. Managing the dander and keeping the shedding to a minimum can keep the HVAC system clean and functioning well.

HVAC System Cleaning

Keeping your home cleaned and managing the shed pet fur and dander buildup helps significantly, but over time, the residual particulates settle in the HVAC system, vents ducts. Eventually the HVAC system is layered in fur, dander, dirt and debris which directly impacts allergies, asthma and indoor air quality.

Keep Cat & Dog from Peeing on Air Conditioner

This can be easier said than done, especially during the potty-training phase. However, even after being neutered, some male cats and dogs will mark their territory. Urinating on one of your HVAC components can pose a serious risk to your system, whether it is indoors or outdoors on the unit. If your pets have a compulsion to urinate on the system, be sure to barriers around it.

Thermostat Temperature for Dog or Cat in House

Pets are comfortable at different temperatures, where most people prefer their homes to be set in the high 60s or low 70s, it is best for your pet to keep it in the mid 60’s while you are out in the winter and in the mid-70s in the summer. Not only do you give you’re your system a break and reduce energy and operating costs, but your pets are more comfortable.

Fence to Hide & Protect Outside Air Conditioner Unit

The outdoor unit should be fenced off. If your pets have unsupervised access to the backyard and the outdoor unit is in the general area, it is best to keep it fenced off regardless if your pet does not continually pee on it. It can help prevent injury and damage to the unit.

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We hope this helps keep your HVAC system better cared for while those adorable pets are keeping up residency in your home. When it comes to professional maintenance, repairs, installation, be sure to call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling and let our certified experts provide the quality services you expect and deserve.