Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning, Maintenance, Venting Requirements & More in Lake Orion, MI

The dryer’s performance and safety derive of many aspects, and the dryer’s venting materials plays a major role in that. Fires can develop, from failure to clean and maintain the dryer. In 2010, the stats include $236 million in property damage, nearly 17,000 fires, resulting in 51 civilian deaths, and 380 civilian injuries. The number one reason dryer fires start is because of improper dryer maintenance. Years of accumulated lint, dust and clothing fibers block the exhaust hose. Simple cleaning on an annual basis can help avoid problems. We at Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling would like to further elaborate on the importance of the dryer ventilation system and the maintenance involved.

Clean Lint Trap Filter After Every Dryer Cycle

Featured in every dryer is a lint filter, or a lint trap or lint screen, is a component that collects the lint your clothes produce as they dry. After every cycle, remove the lint to help prevent overheating and manage proper airflow.

Clean Dryer Vent with Shop Vac or Vacuum

Take the time to vacuum around the lint filter area to remove stray clumps of lint that have gotten past the filter every 6-12 months. Vacuum the wall and floor behind the dry by pulling the dryer out a couple feet. The stray lint can provide kindling in the event a fire ignites. Vacuum out the inside of this hose, after you detach the vent hose connected to the back of your dryer.

If Necessary, Replace Your Dryer Vent Hose

You should replace it with an aluminum hose in the event the hose behind your dryer is constructed of white vinyl. The US federal fire safety standards are not met with vinyl hose.

Clean Dryer Drum & Inside Dryer Cabinet

If it is easy to get to the internal workings of the dryer, be sure vacuum the lint and debris out every 1-3 years. Before completing this step to prevent electrocution, be sure to unplug the dryer vent.

Venting Requirements; Does a Dryer Have to Be Vented Outside?

The ventilation of your dryer should lead to the outside of the home. Hire a professional to reroute the dryer vent should you find that it vents to the attic or other interior location.

Inspect the Exterior Dryer Exhaust Vent

While the dryer is running, every few months, step outside and examine the exhaust vent. First make sure there is no visible debris is clogging the exhaust vent if airflow is restricted. The clog could be deep within the exhaust ductwork if airflow remains restricted with no apparent cause. A professional can disassemble the ducts to and clean out the obstructions.

Monitor Whether Dryer is Taking Multiple Cycles to Dry

A sign your dryer vent is becoming clogged is when it takes a normal load of clothes to dry longer or need to take longer. Clean the lint filter and the rest of the venting system as soon as possible to prevent a potential fire if this red flag manifests. The dryer may need to be replaced if a cleaning does not do enough.

Dryer Vent Pipe Installation, Hook Up & Exhaust Pipe Cleaning Services & More in Oak Park, West Bloomfield, Huntington Woods, Southfield & Greater Detroit, Michigan

With Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling, our certified team of experts can help you with installation of the dryer pipe for the exhaust portion, assist with gas hookups, and provide exhaust pipe cleaning services, to ensure the lint buildup is effectively removed. Call us today to get started!