Outside Central AC Unit Keeps Tripping Breaker in Auburn Hills, MI; Dirty Condenser Coils & More

There are many issues that can occur with a central air conditioning system. One of the more frustrating complications is when the circuit to the unit keeps tripping. When a circuit continues to trip it can be due to a few problems with the unit or with the electrical system. Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling will share what problems with the central air conditioning unit that will cause the breakers to trip and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Dirty AC Condenser Coils & More Due to Lack of Maintenance

When homeowners never have their air conditioning units serviced, something inevitably goes wrong. Neglect can cause a number of problems including dirty or clogged condenser coils. When the condenser coils become dirty, the entire cooling system suffers. With the restricted flow of air, the air conditioning unit must work harder to cool the home. Additionally, the condenser coils are responsible for releasing the heat outside the building or home. If the heat isn’t released properly, combined with an exhausted air conditioning unit, then this is the perfect recipe for an overload. As the air conditioner unit demands more power it will cause an overloaded circuit which trips the breaker. When the air conditioner circuit continues to trip, check the condenser coils and have them cleaned.

Loose Air Conditioner Wiring Connections

There is a lot of electrical wiring that goes throughout the entire HVAC system. When a connection within the system is loose or disconnected, it can cause a number of problems, but most frequently the breakers will trip. Loose wiring can fail to bring the adequate power to the air conditioning system where short circuiting occurs. In most cases during your annual air condition tune-up, electrical connections are inspected and repaired when needed. If the air conditioner short circuits due to improper electrical wiring this is usually due to HVAC systems that are neglected.

Bad AC Condenser Fan Motor

Dirty or clogged air filters can often put stress on the entire system. Most often the fan motor is forced to draw more power. If the fan motor isn’t functioning correctly, or is working too hard, it forces the unit to draw more power and eventually the circuit will overload. If the circuit trips, check the filters and see if they need to be changed. Another problem can be with the fan motor itself, which may require replacing.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

One of the common reasons for an electrical overload is that the central air conditioner demands too much power. When this happens, the circuit will overload. When the evaporator coils ice up it can cause overheating and eventually the circuit breaker will trip. When the evaporator coils ice up, it is typically due to air flow restriction such as dirty coils, clogged filters, the refrigerant is low or the air vents are closed.

AC Compressor Failure

The compressor is a major component that does much of the heavy duty work. If the compressor fails the entire system will begin to show signs. One sign is the circuit will trip. Without the compressor, the entire unit must work almost non-stop. When the system never shuts down the power demands increase and lead to overloads.

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