What Does a Central AC Maintenance Tune Up Include in West Bloomfield, MI & Is it Worth It?

With spring quickly approaching, many people will be looking to flip on the air conditioning units more readily as the temperatures warm up. Just like your vehicles, ensuring your air conditioning unit is well maintained can offer a number of benefits, most importantly it can minimize the need for repairs and maximize efficiency. Getting a professional tune-up for your central air conditioning system is an important service to get, preferably just before the season begins. Today we at Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling would like to discuss the fundamentals of central AC tune-up.

Is a Central AC Unit Tune Up Worth it?

The unit is hard at work for a greater portion of the day and with so many moving parts, as the unit operates, parts wear, lubricants dry, and the dust and debris accumulates on the exterior and interior parts throughout the year. With a professional central air conditioning tune-up service, the system will be better preserved in optimal condition, its lifespan potentially increased, and exceptional efficiency remained intact.

What Does an Air Conditioning Tune Up Include?

During the comprehensive central air conditioning tune-up service, our trained professionals inspect and evaluate the moving parts of the unit and ensures that it is operating sufficiently and the components are not showing any signs of wear or damage. In the event any parts are lacking, they are replaced. Any dust and debris is meticulously removed and lubricants added where necessary. Hardware that has become loose is tightened and electrical wiring is inspected and adjusted if needed. The exterior of the unit is also inspected and cleaned. Refrigerant levels are checked, air ducts, and the thermostat is also audited to ensure the overall performance.

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

When performing a central air conditioning tune-up service, the basics below, but not limited to, are as follow:

  • Air filters are checked and replaced if needed.
  • Blower belt’s durability is evaluated.
  • Condenser coils are completely cleaned and inspected for damage.
  • Condensate trap gets cleaned and inspected any signs of blockage.
  • Cycling of the unit is performed from the thermostat to ensure proper function.
  • Drain pan and cabinet is cleaned.
  • Electrical wiring, connections, and capacitor output undergoes a detailed inspection for any evidence of wear, poor installation, the overall condition and performance. If any imperfections are found, the appropriate repairs, adjustments, and replacements are made.
  • Fan blades are cleaned and evaluated.
  • Lubricants are applied wherever applicable.
  • Refrigerant lines, levels, and pressure are inspected to ensure there are no leaks and adequate refrigerant levels.
  • Voltage and amp draw are assessed.

Best Time to Service Central HVAC System?

You can often prevent major malfunctions by getting your air conditioning unit’s tune-up at the the start of air conditioning season. Catching the small replacement parts, added lube, and tightening of loose hardware can stop the issues before they start. After working hard last season and then hibernating during the off season, the central air conditioning could use a fine tune-up to ensure it is operating effectively.

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Call the professionals of Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling today and let our professionals get your central air conditioning tune-up completed before the warm weather is here to stay. Your unit will less likely need repairs and run much more efficiently!