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Air Conditioning

Repair • Replace • Maintenance

Call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling for air conditioning repair and replacements, professional air duct cleaning, ventilation problems, heat pump repair and seasonal safety inspections. We are your complete Home Air Comfort Specialists.

Call the HVAC Specialists, Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling today for high-efficiency air conditioning installations that will keep you and your family in low cost, eco-friendly comfort all year!

Air Conditioning Services

  • Air conditioner repair
  • Air conditioner service and cleaning
  • High-efficiency AC installation
  • Compressor repair
  • Condensate drain lines
  • Indoor air quality
  • Coil and duct sanitation
  • Air purification/ sterilization
  • Home protection: smoke alarms, co detector, whole house surge protector
  • Duct repair/ reroute/ modification
  • Whole house dehumidifier
  • Wifi / smartphone thermostats
  • Residential zoning systems
  • Ductless solutions
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • Weather sealing/ home efficiency
  • Thermostat service
  • Filter replacement
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Throughout the Greater Detroit, Michigan area, Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling is the leading HVAC system contracting experts that are dedicated to our valued customers. We know air conditioning services require a lot of care and servicing. Being fully licensed and ensured gives you the confidence in our abilities. We use high-end products and equipment in conjunction with our team of certified technicians to ensure your air conditioning services are executed with superior results. When you need your air conditioner installed, replaced, maintained, tuned up, repaired, or inspected, you can count on Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Air Conditioning Installation

Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas helps install air conditioning units to the local homes and businesses. It is vital that the air conditioning installation is done correctly. Otherwise you can experience frequent breakdowns, insufficient energy use and the unit will be rendered useless too soon. Our experienced experts provide quality air conditioning installation services.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling helps our Greater Detroit, Michigan area commercial and residential customers with air conditioning replacements. When it comes to replacing your unit there are many details that can get confusing. SEER rating, or the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the number that indicates how energy efficient the unit is. The higher the number the better the efficiency. You also have to ensure it is the right size for your home or business in addition to other important factors. The specialists at Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling can help you make sure the air conditioner is good for you, your building, and your budget.

Emergency AC Repair

Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling have experienced and certified technicians readily available to provide air conditioning repairs for your Detroit, Michigan home or business. Air conditioners require moving parts and a system that needs to be operating efficiently in order to make your home or business comfortable. As the parts wear or other problems occur, you can have the peace of mind that Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling is happy to oblige with quality commercial and residential air conditioning repairs.

AC Tune Ups, Clean, Checks & Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential element to the overall care you give your commercial or residential air conditioner in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas. Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling’s maintenance and tune-ups will keep your air conditioner working well. Routinely scheduled maintenance will help reduce breakdowns and the need for repairs, contribute to the longevity and help you manage the energy usage. Not only will keep the air conditioner in better condition but it will also keep your warranty valid in many instances.

Air Conditioner Inspections

Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling includes air conditioning inspections that extends to commercial and residential customers in the Greater Detroit, Michigan area. Inspections are an extension to the maintenance and getting an inspection 6 months from your tune-up services will help keep your air conditioner operating to its full potential.

Central Air Conditining Services & More in Oak Park, West Bloomfield, Huntington Woods, Southfield & Greater Detroit, Michigan

When you need air conditioning services in the Greater Detroit, Michigan, area call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling and let our qualified experts ensure your air conditioner services are done right.