How to Switch from Heat & Turn on Central Air Conditioning for the First Time in Troy, MI

It is that time of year where the weather will soon be starting to venture into warmer temperatures. Many locals know that early spring brings varying temperatures that range to chilly and warm within a weeks’ time. Where some people may have had to use the air conditioner here and there, all too soon we will all be reliant on using air conditioning to survive the uncomfortably hot summer ahead. This is the time that homeowners should be focusing on preparing their air conditioner for the demand and make preparations to ensure it is a reliable system that will last throughout the season. With this in mind, we at Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling would like to share the basics in prepping the air conditioner for regular use.

How to Prepare to Start Your Central Air Conditioner to Keep Your House Cool

  1. Change the air filter. This should be done every 4-6 weeks, and definitely never let exceed 3 months, in some homes that can be too long. This is just a reminder to ensure your filter is changed or cleaned, depending on which kind it is.
  2. Inspect the outdoor condenser unit. Make sure the outdoor unit is not crowded by clutter and debris. Airflow cannot be restricted so make sure any encroaching vegetation is cleared away and anything on top of the unit or within three feet is cleared away. If there is an excessive amount of dust and debris built-up, be sure to spray it down with the garden hose carefully.
  3. Adjust the thermostat. With daylight savings time in effect and warmer temperatures on the horizon, be sure, when you are ready, to adjust your thermostat accordingly to reflect the comfortable temperatures indoors.
  4. Professional central air conditioning tune up and maintenance service. Now is the most optimal time to get your cooling system serviced by a professional. Maintenance plays a big role in the performance, longevity, and overall condition of your unit. With a professional tune-up, the technician performs a comprehensive inspection from the outside in, checking on all the connections, moving parts, electrical network, refrigerant levels, duct system, and everything in between. Worn parts can be replaced, and lubed as needed, hardware and wiring can be tightened. The refrigerant levels are checked to ensure there is no leakage and the system undergoes performance tests to ensure it is operating accordingly.

Benefits of Early AC Tune Up Maintenance

Getting a tune-up early in season can help significantly reduce the likelihood of experiencing a breakdown and keep the performance efficiently functioning throughout the season. With the routine maintenance, and professional services, the cooling system will last and in ideal conditions.

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune Ups, Installations, Replacements, Emergency Repairs & More in Oak Park, West Bloomfield, Huntington Woods, Southfield & Greater Detroit, Michigan

When it comes time for cooling system tune-ups, the professionals of Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling are more thorough to ensure your cooling system is ready to perform when the season is in full swing. Our technicians are more than qualified to take care of your cooling system and using the highest of quality products and equipment, the professionals of Jacob’s Ladder Heating & Cooling can ensure your cooling system maintenance service is done with premium results. Call Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling to schedule your cooling system's tune-up.