Signs You Need Central AC Repair in Clarkston, MI; Loud Squealing Noise, Smells Like Gas & More

There are times as a homeowner that you need to know when something is considered normal and when you need to call in a professional. You want to skip the DIY projects and leave them to home décor. The repairs that are needed on appliances and on the home itself should be done by calling out an expert that has the ability to inspect and diagnose the issue. One part of the home that is a big deal are the large appliances. The largest appliance in your home is the air conditioning unit. It also is one of the most important parts of the home to ensure it is comfortable. The unit has a lot of working parts and that means that there can be lots of items that can be broken and damaged. It can be difficult to know when to call out a professional to make repairs. Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling outlines when you want to call a professional to repair your central air conditioning unit and system.

Air Conditioner Making Loud Squealing, Buzzing or Humming Noise

The air conditioning unit has been manufactured to run as quietly as possible. That does not mean that you won’t ever hear it. Most air conditioning condenser units emit some humming sounds that are smooth and quite. When you start to hear a loud banging, squealing, buzzing or scratching sounds, you want to make sure you take it seriously. The noises you might hear can be a sign that the unit has a damaged part that needs to be repaired. The sounds of the AC unit should not change over time. You want to make sure you use a professional to come out and inspect the unit to locate what the problem is.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling the House

The air conditioning unit has one job and that is to make sure the home is kept at a comfortable temperature that you set on the thermostat. That means the unit needs to work to take the hot air out and bring in the cold air. If you can hear that the unit is running but the home is not getting cooled off you want to check the air coming from the vent. If it is not cool then you have an issue that needs to be resolved. This can be done by calling out a professional that can determine what the cause is. We can then make the necessary repairs to the unit to get your home cooled back down to a comfortable indoor temperature.

Central AC Smells Like Gas, Chemicals or Other Odd Emissions

Lastly you want to be aware of any smells that are not normal. The air conditioning unit should not have any smells at all. If you start to smell things that burning or any other smells such as dusty or mildew you want to call out a professional. If there are smells that are coming out when the AC is running you want to make sure that it is addressed right away.

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