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In the Oak Park and the Oakland County Area, Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling is well known for providing exceptional ac repair, installation, and service. The people we send out to serve you are also top notch, something you'll see in their reviews below. Everyone you deal with at our company has the goal of making sure your experience with us will be so good you'll call us every time you need help. You can feel confident working with Jacob's Ladder Heating & Cooling because we stand behind our work and comply with all local codes. This is why, as you can see by the map and reviews below, we are rated so highly for Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair in River Rouge, MI. Call us today at (248) 967-4263!

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Great service!
Technician was awesome! Very polite and efficient, job was done with no hassle. Give that guy a raise!
Paul - River Rouge, MI 48218
Great service
Christina - River Rouge, MI 48218

Job Locations

Bill G.
Bill G.
Install new dryer duct.
River Rouge, MI 48218
River Rouge, MI - Install new dryer duct.
Chris G.
Chris G.
Change out single wall flue to bvent. For hot water tank and furnace
River Rouge, MI 48218
Chris G.
Chris G.
Furnace maintenance performed furnace tune up
River Rouge, MI 48218

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